Mercado de Dulces

Mercado de Dulces

A sweet trip


This candy market is one sweet stroll through a wonderful variety of regional treats for locals and visitors alike. There are guayaba rolls, milk sweets,chewy ‘ate’, and other regional delicacies. It’s a delicious trip, taking in the culinary heritage of New Spain, as Mexico use to be called. There are also other handicrafts and high quality leather goods.

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The expert view

  • It used to be the orchard of the college and monastery of the Jesuits. Afterwards, it was a military school and then a dormitory for an art school.
  • In 1935, some vendors who sold fruit with cinnamon and brown sugar and also handicrafts set up stalls in the Galeana and Hidalgo arches in front of the Cathedral, where they remained until the 1950’s.
  • The market was built in 1968, with space for 150 stalls.
  • Every September, there’s a regional candy and arts and crafts fair in commemoration of the founding of the market.
  • Here is a great place to see the sheer variety of products produced by the artisans of Michoacán. There are articles made of copper, glass, wood, metal, leather, thread, cloth and porcelain, among others.


  • How to dress
    As you’re going to be walking in the market, comfortable clothing will allow you to enjoy it as much as possible. However, if you forget some piece of clothing, there are skirts, shirts, shoes, sandals, ponchos and wonderfully embroidered dresses at reasonable prices, ready to wear
  • What to eat
    Morelianas, ates, obleas, chongos zamoranos, milk sweets, caramel, rompope, chocolate, gummies, honey, coconut rolls, guayaba rolls, chili candies… the possibilities are endless.
  • What to buy
    Arts and crafts, traditional clothing and toys, leather goods, you’ll be spoilt for choice, and all at very reasonable prices.
  • Other tips
    Some of the stalls have hand worked copper ítems that can be personalized with a message or the name of a loved one.


  • The Museo Regional de Michoacán, or Michoacán Regional Museum has a collection of works from the Tarascan people, from Pre-Hispanic to modern.
  • Visit the imposing pink stone Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece.
  • Go see the Carmen ex convent, now an exhibition space that hosts varied events.
  • Have a coffee in the Jardin de las Rosas, a wonderful plaza filled with flower beds where you can relax with loved ones or make new Friends.
  • Take a look around the Clavijero Palace, admiring the grand designs.
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