Bicycle friendly Sunday

Bicycle friendly Sunday

A city on two wheels


Every Sunday, from 8am to 1pm, most of the center of Morelia is closed to motorised traffic and downtown is filled with skaters, runners, and cyclists, often with their dogs in tow. A way to get your blood pumping and see the sites at the same time.

The expert view

  • Bicycle friendly Sundays was started by a group of young people in Morelia who founded the organization Bicivilízate Michoacán A.C. in March 2010. Municipal and state government helped them to see their vision brought to life on Morelia’s streets.
  • The main drag is 1.8 kilometers. Originally, the streets were closed every two weeks, but now it happens every Sunday. There are plans to increase the area that’s closed to traffic to other streets that connect to Madero Avenue.
  • In November 2010, this project was incorporated into the Latin Americal network of recreational cycling organizations.
  • The initiative called “Paseo a ciegas”, or blind rides, lends tandem bicycles out so that people with disabilities can get in on the fun too.
  • There are four information points to help and give orientation to the public (Jardín Morelos) to the west (La Merced), Central (Cathedral), in the middle (Villalongín) and east (Jardín Morelos).
  • They help around 2500 people every Sunday.


  • How to dress
    It’s best to wear sports clothing, such as shorts or joggers, a t shirt and a cap. Depending on the season, a sweater or waterproofs might be needed.
  • What to eat
    After working up an appetite, the center has a range of options for you to fill up. Head to the arches in front of the Cathedral or bosque Cuauhtémoc public park for a gazpacho fruit salad.
  • What to buy and where
    Bicycle rental requires a nominal donation for bicycle maintanence (10 pesos) and you need to show a student or official ID. One or two bikes can be rented for up to 45 minutes.
  • Other tips
    There are wheel chairs available so that older or disabled people can enjoy the event too.
    Pets should be kept on a leash, and they should be cleaned up after. The information points offer baggies.


  • This really is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of central Morelia, taking part in an event that is quickly becoming a tradition, and absorbing the essense of the city and its people. Don’t forget to go for a coffee in the arches across from the Cathedral.
  • After you’re all worn out, you can relax on one of the benches of the Plaza de Armas and listen to the soothing sound of the fountain.
  • You could also go to bosque Cuauhtémoc public park for some sliced fruits or a delicious gaspacho. A lovely day out.
  • Tour the churches on Madero Avenue. You’ll be surprised by the number and architectural variety, each is unique.
  • Take advantage of the Mercado de Dulces, or Candy market, close by to buy a souvenir or try some ‘ate’, a delicious regional candy.
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